Connecting Women in STEMM

Our purpose

is to connect, empower and advocate for STEMM women and girls to have equality in the Australian workplace.

Women in STEMM

have STEMM qualifications or experience working in and/or enabling STEMM in industry, research, education and government sectors.

Our community

is inclusive and diverse. We respect and value the contributions of everyone who would like to support our purpose.

How to get involved

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We’ve collated a list of organisations, initiatives, networks, speakers and other resources for women and girls in STEMM.

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About us

We are an organisation whose primary engagement platform is through social media – this includes LinkedIn and Twitter with a diverse and inclusive network of over 40,000 STEMM professionals in academia, industry, education, business and government.

This includes all women in STEMM (and those who enable STEMM) regardless of their discipline and profession.

We raise the profile of women in STEMM, provide role models by increasing the visibility of women in STEMM, expand their professional network, and advocate on their behalf at various levels.

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Our purpose

To connect, empower and advocate for STEMM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics, medicine) women and girls to have equality in the Australian workplace