Menopause – Workforce impact

Featuring: Dr Kelly Teagle, Dr I-Ferne Tan, Thea O'Connor and Lynette Wesley - hosted by Natalie Chapman

Understand it and how to support your team!

Women of menopause age are the fastest-growing workforce demographic – by 2030, 25% of the female population will be menopausal. Symptoms can result in women leaving the workforce and not seeking promotion. With a STEM skills crisis upon us, organisations cannot afford for their experienced women to be leaving the workforce early.

Menopause is an individual experience. Symptoms could be physical (hot flushes, changing period cycles, joint pain, etc) or psychological (memory fog, anxiety and, mood swings etc). So, how can we better understand this natural phenomenon and support these women in the workplace (and at home)?

If you’re a woman experiencing menopause symptoms or you’re a manager responsible for women, then this is the online panel for you. Our panel of experts will discuss menopause symptoms and treatment, early onset and fertility, tips and tricks for handling menopause at work, and how to make your workplace menopause friendly.

Join us and submit your questions.

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Dr Kelly Teagle

Dr Kelly Teagle

Founder/Principal WellFemme Womens' Health Services

Dr Teagle graduated in Medicine from the University of Queensland in 2001 and worked as a Medical Officer in the Royal Australian Air Force. After becoming a GP she completed further studies in women’s reproductive and sexual health. At 42 Kelly experienced an early menopause which further motivated her to study and treat menopausal issues.

In 2019 she launched WellFemme, Australia’s first Telehealth Menopause Service, to help women access peri and menopause care Australia wide. WellFemme now has 15 doctors and thousands of patients around the country. Kelly also writes blog articles and is a menopause speaker and advocate.

Dr Tan

Dr I-Ferne Tan

Fertility specialist and Reproductive surgeon

Dr Tan is a passionate Womens’ Rights Advocate who uses her platform as a health educator to fight for gender equity and closing of the gender pay gap. I-Ferne is a Fertility Specialist and Reproductive Surgeon based in Sydney CBD and North Shore. She is an accredited Obstetrician Gynaecologist (OBGYN), dual fellowship trained locally and internationally in advanced laparoscopy surgery, and has a Masters degree in Reproductive Medicine.

She splits her time between her busy private practice, (busier!) public healthcare at Royal North Shore Hospital, and (even busier!) role as mum of 2 assertive, inquisitive, and confident pre-schooler girls.

Thea O'Connor

Thea O’Connor

Wellbeing & Productivity Advisor & Coach

Thea is a senior advisor on workplace wellbeing and productivity, a TEDx Speaker and Founder of Menopause at Work Asia Pacific.  Based on her own research into the needs of mid-life working women, Thea has crafted a range of services for workplaces to help them become menopause friendly so that women can achieve their full career potential. She is leading Australasia in this space and has worked with a diverse range of organisations, helping them normalise conversations and embed menopause support at work so that mid-life women feel safe to ask for support when they need it.

She brings a depth of expertise to her workplace wellbeing consulting drawing on over 25 year’s experience in health promotion including in the fields of women’s health, nutrition (as a dietitian), body image, sleep science and workplace health.

Lynette Wesley

Lynette Wesley

Team Leader, Organisational Development

Lynette Wesley graduated from Monash University with a double major in Psychology and Sociology.  Her interest in people, interpersonal dynamics and the impact that leaders can have in a work environment has led her to work across many sectors in Learning and Organisational Development roles.  Lynette is a passionate advocate for diversity and inclusion.  She led the design and implementation of the Gender Equality Action Plan for Sustainability Victoria and as part of that work, was a key driver of the implementation of the Menstruation and Menopause Wellbeing policy.

The focus of the work on gender equality has also included an intersectional lens, ensuring all voices and lived experiences are heard.   Lynette’s passion for developing and supporting leaders that are progressive and impactful has provided her the opportunity to have many conversations to support leaders to be vulnerable, challenge stereotypes and bring out the best in the people they lead by understanding and leveraging their strengths and creating a work environment where individuals can bring their whole selves.

Lynette is a mum of two boys, a 14 year old navigating the complexities of teenage life and an eight year old who looks up to his big brother but is still keen to hold onto the relative simplicity of primary school.  She actively instils the values and importance of gender equality and intersectional inclusion with her children through conversation, experiences and role-modelling.


Natalie Chapman

Managing Director, gemaker

Natalie is the Founder and Managing Director of gemaker, an award-winning commercialisation and marketing agency that works with research organisations and innovative businesses to bring their inventions out of the lab and into use. Natalie has 20 years’ experience (including 10 years at ANSTO) commercialising new technologies and growing technical-based Australian businesses in critical minerals, clean energy and low carbon emissions technologies, medicine/medical devices, manufacturing and aerospace. She is the Corporate Communications Manager for an ASX-listed mining company and on the Board of Women in STEMM Australia. Natalie has a passion for inspiring girls in STEM, empowering women in STEM to achieve, progress and stay in the workforce.