CEO, Publisher & Co-founder, Refraction Media

Karen co-founded STEM-specialist media company Refraction Media in 2013 with a view to creating a smarter future – one in which everyone has access to the skills they need to make a better planet. Two decades of experience in print, broadcast and digital media has helped Karen to apply a large-scale vision to developing strategic communications platforms as well as a host of custom solutions for clients. 

Careers with STEM has a combined annual reach of 750,000 students per year and collaborates with over 200 partners, including Google, the Commonwealth Bank, several government agencies and 22 universities.

Careers with STEM is a staple product that supports educators, parents and students to prepare for the careers of the future.

Refraction Media has distributed over 1.75 million Careers with STEM career guides to students across the USA, Australia and New Zealand.